VIRGO(Virtual Hierarchical Tree Grid Organizations:

  Just image about the number of machines as same as stars in Virgo cluster.  Every machine can find any one in less than 10 steps. This is exactly VIRGO project aiming to do.

  VIRGO aims to implement large scalable Network with easy management and scalable security. It can be used in the fields such as Grid Computing, Distributed Domain Name System, Distributed Search Engines, and File Shares, Instant Message, etc.

VIRGO Objectives 

Large scalable network

Easy management of network

  Scalable security

VIRGO properties:

1.       Hybrid of un-structural P2P and structural P2P technology.  VIRGO merges an n-tuple replicated virtual tree structured network and a random cached unstructured network.

2.       It is self-organizing and decentralized, with an effective lookup protocol for routing messages and a load balanced network.

3.        It retains the advantage of partial-match querying and the robustness of unstructured P2P networks, and the advantage of effective routing and guarantee search of structured P2P.