Latest News

15-09-2009 Prof. Lican Huang will be included within “2000 Outstanding Scientists 2008/2009” by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England.

26-07-2009 Prof. Lican Huang attended the conference BIFE2009 in Bejiang, and gave a keynote speech about Semantic P2P Network for e-Business  

02-07-2009 Prof. Lican Huang organized The First International Workshop on Semantic P2P Networks(SP2PN 2009)   in Bejing   

26-06-2009 Prof. Lican Huang visited Prof. Junwei Cao’s  laboratory in Tsinghua  University and gave a talk about “ Semantic P2P Network-- VIRGO".

26-05-2009 Zhejiang Sci-Tech University reported Prof. Lican Huangs first inventor of new type of P2P networksemantic P2P network VIRGO.

20-05-2009 Prof. Lican Huang was invited to give a keynote speech about P2P: From Unstructured, Structured to Semantic Network in ServP2P 2009 - Workshop on Service-Oriented P2P Networks and Grid Systems In conjunction with CCGRID2009 at Shanghai

26-03-2009 Prof. Lican Huang was invited to be a Steering Committee member of Chief Information Officer (CIO) Club of Zhejiang Province.

18-03-2009 forum on healthcare issues in the process of urbanization. Place: Institute of Networking & Distributed Computing, Zhejiang Sci-Tech University. Attendee: (Prof. Lican Huang, Mr. Tianshui Yu, Dr. Yong Liu, and Professor Lican Huang's graduate students).

18-11-2008 Dr. Lican Huang was invited to give the lecture about Virtual hierarchical P2P architecture-VIRGO in Zhejiang Gongshang University

23-09-2008 Dr. Lican huang attended Cyberworlds 2008 conference and gave a presentation at Hangzhou, P.R.China

15-06-2008 Agreement of Co-operation research on Cluster platform with Zhejiang Gongshang University

01-12-2007 "QianJiang RenCai" funds from Government of Zhejiang Province plus Zhejiang Sci-Tech University(totally 650,000 RMB)  (Milestone)

29-07-2007 Prof. Huaglory Tianfield in Glasgow Caledonian University visited  Zhejiang Sci-Tech  University

28-10-2006 Dr. Lican Huang attended the 20th International CODATA Conference (2006 ) in Bejiang. Oct 23Oct 25 Chair ,Organizer (Prof. LU Yongxiang, Prof. YAN Baoping)

28-10-2006 Dr. Lican Huang attended UNESCO Consultation on WSIS Action Line C7 "E-Science" Oct 21, 2006

10-10-2006 Dr. Lican Huang works as Director of Institute of Network&Distributed Computing in Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.

27-05-2006 Dr. Lican Huang was included in Marquis Whos Who in the World 23rdEdition 2006 and Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering 2006-2007 and Marquis Who's Who in Asia

06-12-2005 Virgo Project team has established. Welcome to join Virgo Project.

08-03-2005 Open source project was approved by ( Milestone)

14-02-2005 Dr. Lican Huang attended the European Grid Conference in Amsterdam, presented the paper VIRGO:Virtual Hierarchical Overlay Network for Scalable Grid Computing, Merge structural and un-structural P2P technologies ( Milestone)

02-09-2002 Dr. Lican Huang in Zhejiang University as the first author contributed the Virtual and Dynamic Hierarchical Architecture of e-Science Grid and relative Protocols, the first original paper published In the proceedings of UK e-Science Programe All Hands Meeting(Poster), Sheffield, UK, September 2-4, 2002,, Afterwards, Dr. Lican Huang as the first contributor published more than 10 papers about this topic, including the paper Virtual and Dynamic Hierarchical Architecture for e-Science Grid in International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 2003, 17(3):329-347 ( Milestone)