Principle Investigator and Project Coordinator


Prof. Lican Huang  at Zhejiang Sci-Tech University      


   Prof. Huang’s students




   Cardiff  UniversityProf. David W. Walker & Prof. Omer F. Rana 

 (  Workflow  Optimization)


   Imperial College London Prof. Yike Guo

   Shanghai Center for Bioinformatics Technology  Dr. Pei  Hao  

( Blast   parallel computing)


Brunel University Dr.  Maozhen Li

            ( Service  discovery)


    University  of the Pacific Dr. Jinzhu Gao

            (Data visualization)


    Institute of high energy physics, CAS- Prof.  Gang Chen



To be added                                                         

Guest Researchers:

Healthcare project

Mr. Luo Yuanluo and Dr. Yong Liu at Zhejiang University



Thank those people who helped the project but are not listed here.